VIDEO / Ya’akov Shwekey – Cry no more

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Check deze indrukwekkende song en video over Jeruzalem van de Joodse zanger Ya’akov Shwekey. 

Many tears have fallen, many years were calling,
Please no more
Many broken-hearted, friends lost and departed,
Please no more

Now the time has come, everyone must stand together,
And be strong forever more

Young and helpless children, illness and confusion,
Please no more
Old and lonely people, hunger, war and evil,
Please no more

Now the time has come, everyone as one forever,
Let His kingdom rise again

Cry no more Yerushalyim
Shine once more Yerushalyim
We need to see you proud again
Upon the mountain of Hashem
Then we’ll cry no more Yerushalyim